Pantam Love handpan music by Ido Baum

Hello and welcome to my site(:

This is the first blog  I am writing and hopefully many more will come.  My goal through these posts is to share my knowledge , wisdom , thoughts and good vibes with the handpan community and the world.

So what is pantam love u ask? let  me explain what is pantam love for me , why i see the pantam instrument as much more than just a musical instrument through my point of view.

note: the same instrument we love has many different names (such as : hang, handpan, pantam ,hangdrum , halo, bells, spb, asachan,  and much more )  in my writings  I will relate the instrument as pantam- as its my personal favorite name and the most correct one for me .


Pantam Love as a meditation

close your eyes. imagine your self sitting in a beautiful nature scenery , maybe on a beautiful  panoramic mountain lookout , or under the shade of a tree in a sandy desert, it can be on the side of a lake, or on  your favorite corner in the city park. imagination is endless. 

on your lap lies a beautiful pantam . u take a big breath of fresh air inside, and slowly let your hands  to move free on the pantam, one hit after the other,  u move your hands and listen, u hear a rich sound , a sound that is blessed in harmony and overtones , u start to follow a inner rythem that is played by your heart, u hear nature sings with u in harmony, the birds are accompanying your playing, u feel the wind, the trees and the ground.  your hands are moving freely around the pantam as a butterfly, u are dancing your inner rhythm , u are dancing your uniq song…

we all love the relaxed feeling we get while playing the pantam. the sound help us to connect to our relaxed state of  being and to the divine presence of beauty and love.  we remember who we truly are.


“going inside,
endless energy flow,
that awakes the emotions for a change,
colorful butterflies fly around,
then time stops,
we are free to dance,
let the healing begin… ”

*a quote from the description of my album -OM ZION HOME-

handpan music for meditation  Listen to me meditive album “OM ZION HOME”




pantam a musical instrument for everyone! – a great way to develop musical skills

The Pantam , the handpan , the hang drum , the hang , the round ufo look like instrument ,or any name that u like to call this musical instrument family. its a musical instrument that is easy to play  and can be learned quite fast in compare to other musical instruments.

I have learned a lot about music and about my self thru this instrument, it feel so good to improvise and free flow with the pantam, for me it was love from first sight!
I have some drumming and percussion background, and i have played and practiced music several years before playing the pantam , but i can definitely say that the pantam  love have changed my life!

the basic of playing the handpan is tapping the different dimples with your fingers and letting them vibrate and ripple out beautiful waves of sounds.  u can play it and create unique sounds if u are a little baby  or a old man , u can play it with musical experience or without. all u need is a will to to create beautiful sounds using your own 2 hands. everyone can play the pantam!

i have seen many people coming from different backgrounds that are learning to play the instrument.  while playing the instrument u can learn and improve many musical abilities such as :

The Pantam is a also great for making music with other instruments and for free jamming and music for meditation

So grab a Pantam and start playing !(:

Need help, dont know how to start ?  feel free to contact me in this link for PANTAM HANDPAN LESSONS


Pantam Love – can u feel it ?

can u understand better now what is Pantam Love?  i hope u can feel it and that u will share and expand the love!   for myself- I am going to keep on playing, relaxing, flowing performing, teaching, and sharing the love.     

A BIG THANK U for reading and feeling the Pantam Love.

stay in touch!










The pantam as a way to make new friends – 

I will begin by saying thanks ! thanks to all off the beautiful and amazing people  that I met through the pantam instrument . Thanks for all the time and experience we shared together  .  thanks for the love, the music, the food, the smiles, the joy, the healing, the hugs , the community .   A  big thanks and love for u all and for the big tribe that we are!

How amazing is that through a shared love for a musical instrument we have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many beautifull souls from all around the world!

In the pantam world there are many events that new friendships can be made in. handpans meetings and festivals takes place all over the world, where the pantam lovers have a place to meet and connect.
Diffrent handpan meetings for are :  hangout uk , hang uut (Netherlands)  , hangout naxos ( greece ) , hangout usa , pantam festival isreal, handpan festival ( france ) , griasdi ( austria ) , pantasia ( usa ) and much much more events that are happening world wide all year long!

Isreal, russia, italy, Switzerland, germeny, Netherlands, belgium, portugal,england,  greece, france, the canary islands.                                                                                                                            this is just my personal list of places i have been to handpan meetings in!  handpan meetings are happening all around the world !!   this is absolutely amazing !

Come and join me at the pantam festival in isreal! 5-6 october 2018 !

(A picture from a small handpan meetings in germeny)

Pantam love with friends
hangout handpan festival handpan music newage music ayasa asachan hang bellart halo


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